What You Get

- Pictures will be taken throughout the trail in all the best spots. 

- Pictures of you driving and posing next to your rig.

- No time constraint on completing the trail.

- No maximum on edited pictures delivered.

- All pictures will be super high-quality, large sized JPEGs.

How it works

1. Tell me your preferred trail or I can help you choose

2. Meet at the trailhead and air down

3. Depending on difficulty, I will drive ahead of everyone to set up for pictures. If the trail is difficult, I will ride with someone so I can focus on the photoshoot.

Trail Pricing

1 rig - $750 per rig

2 rigs - $400 per rig

3 rigs - $325 per rig

4 rigs - $250 per rig

5 rigs - $200 per rig

6+ rigs - $150 per rig

Difficult Trail Pricing

The below trails have a set price, no rig limit

Holy Cross - $1,000

Wheeler Lake - $1,000

Chinaman Gulch (Yansing) - $1,000

Recommended Trails

Yankee Hill

Bill Moore Lake

Kelly Flats

Rainbow Falls

Red Cone

Saints John

Not limited to these trails

Family Portraits

Plan on bringing along the family? Include family portaits during the most scenic parts of the trail.

Price - extra $200 per rig 

Just want pictures of you and your rig?

Let’s capture pictures somewhere scenic to showcase you and your rig... Doesn't always have to be on the trail!

Price - $400

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