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My name is Jonathan, your off road photographer

I am based out of the Colorado Front Range and serve everywhere in the Front Range, up to Buena Vista/Leadville/Vail.

It's HARD to get good photos of yourself on a trail. Let me help!

I photograph your rig on and off the trail



4x4 club meet-ups

4x4 events

4x4 shops

Off road products

Don't take pictures, tell a story

Taking pictures is so much more than just clicking a button on your phone or camera. Use your pictures to tell a story about you and your rig. It's difficult to properly tell your story when the pictures you drove away with weren't as high quality as you had hoped.

After years of off roading in my Jeep, I've realized how difficult it can be to get a good picture of you and your rig on the trail. 

  • Your group doesn't have time to stop for quality pictures.
  • You're solo...  You can't take pictures of yourself driving.
  • Your spotter can't take pictures of you while they spot.
  • The pictures taken of you are not high quality.

I am here to help you capture the pictures that showcase your adventures while not dealing with the hassle of taking your own pictures on the trail.

Trail Photoshoot - Solo

Starting at $750

For individuals who want a personal photoshoot of their rig while they're wheeling on an off road trail. A solo photoshoot will deliver more pictures and a more personalized experience than a group ride.

Trail Photoshoot - Group

Starting at $150 per rig

For groups of two or more. All rigs will receive the same amount of high quality photos of themselves wheeling their rig on an off road trail.

On Road Photoshoot

Starting at $250

Not everyone has time for a trail photoshoot. This is the option for those wanting pictures of their rig at a trailhead or somewhere more urban. A photoshoot of your rig looking cool not off road.


Starting at $400

Off road events on or off the trail. 

Message me for pricing.


Starting at $400

4x4 shops and off road vendors.

Message me for pricing.

See my gallery here => Gallery

Learn how it works and pricing here => How it Works

Reserve your photoshoot here => Book Online

Pictures perfect for framing

Stop staring at your rig in the garage and order some metal prints to hang on your wall.

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